AGIR7s age-groups laws apply for U6, U8, U10 and U12.

U6 will play 6 a side. Games will be 8 minutes one way, no half time.
U8 will play 7 a side. Games will be 10 minutes one way, no half time.
U10 will play 7 a side. Games will be 10 minutes one way, no half time.
U12 will play 7 a side. Games will be 10 minutes one way, no half time.

All games will start when both teams are ready and the referee deems it safe to do so. Games will end on schedule irrespective of whether they started on time. Games will start and finish with the referee's whistle.

Coaches are reminded that the schedule is tight. Compliance with pitch marshal instructions is vital to the smooth running of the event. Teams must be on the pitch immediately upon completion of the preceding game.


20 minutes before the first game is due to start there will be a five-minute brief in the main club house. It is recommended that the Captains and Head Coach attend.

For clubs with more than 1 team in an age group please note players may play for only 1 team without the Tournament Director's prior permission. U14 and above are subject to the standard ring fencing rules. Teams must nominate 5 players who are only allowed to play in that team. The remaining players are permitted to move from one team to another.

Squad size should not exceed 12 players. Rolling subs are allowed.

- All kick-offs, re-starts, penalties & conversions will be drop kicks.
- Only U14 age groups and above will take conversions.
- U14's in front of posts.
- U16's from where the try is scored but no further out than the 15m line.
- U19 from where the try is scored.

Points will be awarded for all age groups as follows:
- 4 points for a win.
- 2 points for a draw.
- 1 point if a losing team scores at least one try.

If teams are level on points the final placings will be determined as follows:
- Difference in points scored and points conceded.
- Most no. of tries scored.
- Least no. of tries conceded.
- And finally, if teams are still tied then by the toss of a coin.

In the event of a drawn final a period of 5 minutes extra time will be played with the first team to score being declared the winner.

The HK Society of RFU Referees will have full control of all games.

The laws of Rugby Union will be played, except as varied above.

Players sent to the 'sin bin' (yellow card) will be required to remain at the half way line for a period of 2 minutes of actual play before being permitted to return, as directed by the Referee.

Any player sent off by the Referee (red card) will take no further part in the tournament and will be subject to the HKRU disciplinary process.


Please note: Any player who receives a yellow or a red card over the duration of the tournament will be sanctioned as per the World Rugby guidelines.

Teams are reminded to be on the pitch immediately after the preceding game.

First named team will kick-off, kicking towards the car park or if on half pitch, towards the club house. - Individuals are strictly not allowed to play up or down teams unless it has been approved by the Sai Kung Stingrays committee and the HKRU.

- All games will be played on AstroTurf pitches. It is advised that all player wear suitable studs for this surface. If the referee deems that a player's studs are unsafe or unsuitable, the player will have to find alternative boots to wear if they want to continue in the game. The tournament schedule will continue.

- All age groups must wear mouth guards whilst playing at all times. Players will be asked to leave the pitch if they do not wear their mouth guards. The tournament schedule will continue.

- Consumption of outside food or drinks on the premises are strictly forbidden.

- Coaches are responsible for making sure these standards are met. 

Age Groups:

U6 - 2014 & 2015
U8 - 2012 & 2013
U10 - 2010 & 2011
U12 - 2008 & 2009
U14 - 2006 & 2007 
U16 - 2004 & 2005
U19 - 2001, 2002 & 2003