Is it free to visit the Instinet All Girls International Rugby Sevens 2020?
Yes, this event is free and open to the general public at Kings Park on March 27 and 28 2020. 
Do I have to register?
Yes, if you are intending to play your team must be registered via the website no later than February 1st 2020.


Is there a tournament schedule?
Yes, the tournament schedule  is usually released a week prior to the tournament. We generally have a number of last minutes changes as there are a number of teams participating. Please note that the most up-to-date schedule will always be available via our website.  

Am I expected to take time off from school?
The tournament is held on both a Friday and Saturday. On Friday March 27, games will usually start around 11am. We understand this is a school day however with the increase of teams we are required to spread this across the two days.

What is the format of the Instinet All Girls International Rugby Sevens event 2020?
The AGIR7s follow the sevens format. For age groups U10, U12, U14, U16 and U19s we observe full contact. U6s will play 8 minute games, U8s and U10s will play 10 minute games, and U12s, U14s, U16s and U18s will play 7 minute halves.  

What are the conversion rules for all age groups?
Conversions only apply for U14, U16 and U19 age groups. For U14s this is observed in front of the post, for U16s it is from where the try was scored but no further than the 15m line and for U19s it will be from where the try was scored.

What is provided in terms of care for participating teams?
The organisers have arranged for free strapping to be provided, a dedicated tournament physio and a medical team on-site at all times. Whilst ice-baths are not provided, there will be free ice available throughout the tournament and teams are able to order additional bags through the organisers. 

What happens if one of our players is seriously injured?

As this is a club tournament, the organisers will offer pitch-side medical assistance provided by the HKRU. In the event of a serious accident or emergency the local hospital authority will be informed and an ambulance will take the player to the nearest public hospital. In case any of your players need to be admitted, you will be required to have their original passport and a copy of your medical insurance.

Is this a plastic free event?
It sure is! Please be reminded that the Instinet All Girls International Tournament 2020 is plastic free. We will not be selling disposable bottles of water on-site. We encourage you to bring your own bottle and fill these up at the water stations provided. 

Will there be F&B available at the event?
Of course, the tournament prides itself on catering to a different array of dietary requests. The on-site kiosk have prepared a healthy menu for all spectators and players to enjoy. Please note that only cash or octopus is accepted onsite.  

Is there on-site parking facilities?
Unfortunately, there is no parking available over the tournament weekend. However, Kings Park is close to both bus stops as well as the Jordan MTR station.
What can I expect at The Instinet All Girls International Rugby Sevens 2020?
There will be a Tournament Village set up with vibrant stalls – please see the latest confirmed vendors here. Last year we had merchandise for sale, face-painting and the famous Sai Kung Stingrays Bake Sale. 
If I can’t make the event, will I be able to watch the live steam?
Yes, this will be streamed via our dedicated Facebook page. Please note that not all games will be live streamed. We try to ensure this is fair across all age groups. We currently only stream the Saturday on both Pitch 1 and Pitch 2. 

Is there any storage for my belongings?  
There’s no storage available for visitors.  


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