The All Girls International Rugby Sevens brings together student athletes from across the world.  Several hundred female athletes, in more than 80 teams, ranging in age from 6 to 19, will compete in hundreds of matches over this two-day period.

Rugby is a tough sport. To win, one must combine strategy, strength, stamina, discipline and passion.  These young women are nothing short of remarkable.

Though the history of rugby dates back to the early 1800s, women were pressured out of playing the game – often resorting to playing in secret – for well over 200 years.  The first officially recorded women’s rugby match took place in 1968.

Instinet was founded in 1969. When we created electronic trading, we faced a lot of opposition and pressure, too. It can be difficult to challenge the status quo.  But no progress is possible unless we dare to try.

Over the last 50 years, Instinet pioneered an array of now industry-standard technologies. And we’re just getting started.  As the wholly-owned, tech-focused execution services arm of Nomura Group, we help institutional investors create, protect and capture better investment performance for their clients.

As title sponsor of the AGIR7s, Instinet is incredibly honoured to help provide these young women from across the globe with an opportunity to test their own mettle, dare to prove themselves, and most of all, pursue exceptional performance.

Because that’s a goal we can really relate to.

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